What is your warranty on your tinting?

We include a Lifetime warranty on all our tinting.

What percentage tint can I get on my vehicle?

You can get 5%, 20% and 35% on your vehicle.

What does the percentage tint signify?

It signifies the approximate amount of light allowed into the vehicle.

Will my tint change turn blue or purple after ?

No, since we use the top quality tint, it will not change colours.

How long does it take to complete a full tint on my vehicle?

A. It takes an average of 2 to 4 hours to complete most vehicles.

Does window tint reject sun’s heat?

Yes, Automotive window films reject up to 66 percent of the sun’s heat, reducing the interior temperature in your vehicle. Window films will help your vehicle cool more rapidly, even after hours in the blazing sun.

Does Window tinting reduce glare?

A. Yes, Window Tinting significantly reduces up to 95% of unwanted glare and helps take the strain out of driving. You will appreciate the added comfort and safety.

Does Car tinting block UV Rays

A. Yes, Vehicle window film screens out up to 99 percent of the sun’s invisible
ultraviolet (UV) radiation, the principal cause of skin cancer and premature skin aging.

How do I clean my windows to ensure it lasts as long as possible?

A. We recommend a non-ammonia cleaner and a soft cloth. Be sure to read the label that it does not contain ammonia.

Can you install window tinting in the winter weather?

A. Yes.  Because we use the top quality tint material, we perform mobile. installations in the winter also.

When does the haziness go away on my tinted windows?

A. It could take upto 90 days for the haziness to go away on your windows..

What causes window tinting to bubble?

A. UV rays from the sun that are responsible for damaging your cars interior and excessive heat build-up are usually the cause of bubbles forming in the window tint. The bubbles are a result of a failure in the adhesive system.

How durable is your window tinting?

A. One question asked thousands of times about durability is, “Will my kids tear it up?” We are glad to report this is not a problem. Pets are also a concern but damage is usually confined to smudges that just need to be cleaned. The hard scratch-resistant coating found on quality window tint products do an excellent job protecting window tint from everyday use as well as kids and pets. A word of caution is to remember window tinting is installed on the inside of the glass and is usually coated with a high quality scratch resistant layer for protection. However, the key word is **resistant**. Take care when loading and unloading objects with sharp or hard edges, boxes, sporting equipment, etc. It is possible to tear even the best window tinting material with a sharp or hard object hitting against the tint. Glass without tinting, or with factory window tint; can be damaged in this fashion also. Remember if you accidentally damage a window, the cost of replacing the window tinting material on one window is not that expensive.

How do black dots and lines at the edge of a window on newer cars affect window tinting?

A. The black dots, or matrix patters, as well as the lines at the top of some windows are made of a Teflon type of material that is applied at the factory. Purely cosmetic, they hide trim lines and edges on different styles of autos. The thickness of these Teflon type areas make them difficult when applying window tint. Window tint is designed to adhere directly to the glass. The black lines across the top of some windows can prevent window tint from sticking and cannot be covered. When black dots are encountered, the window tint sticks to the slightly raised dot. This can give, depending on the thickness of the material, a lighter or different look in the area of the black matrix dots. This poses no risk of peeling. In some cases, the dot pattern or lines usually put at the top of some windows are so thick that it makes it impossible for the tint to stick at all.

How will window-tinting affect my defroster performance?

A. Window tinting actually helps to insulate the window and helps the defroster clear the glass of frost and fog quicker.

After the window is tinted…I see little tiny hazy bubbles scattered on the glass. Will they go away?

A. Yes. Once the tinting film fully cures, usually after a hot summer, it will tighten up around these spots and they will disappear.

Will the tint fade?

A. All tint fades with time.

Will tinted windows inhibit my visibility at night?

A. This all depends on the shade and quality of film you select. Dark or “limo” tint will definitely decrease your visibility at night. If this is a concern, a lighter-medium shade would be advisable. For the ultimate in night-time clarity and visibility, we suggest Quantum film. At night, you won’t even notice the windows are tinted, and during the day it rejects more heat and reduces more glare than regular NR films.

Does Window Film go on the inside or the outside?

A. Automotive Window Film goes on the inside surface thus keeping it protected from the elements.

What is the difference between after-market tinting and factory tinting?

A. Some vehicles come from the manufacturer with glass that has been darkened using an electrical process called “deep dipping”. This “factory tinted” glass is a dark shade but does not protect the interior of your car from the sun’s heat or damaging UV rays. Major film manufacturers have formulated tinting materials to closely match the factory tinted glass allowing the front door windows of some vehicles to have window tint with a legal matching shade. It is also possible to apply after market window tinting over factory tinted glass to make the windows darker and to improve performance.

In other words, “factory tint” means the dye is actually in the glass, it can never be removed. “Aftermarket tint” is a transparent paper with an adhesive side that bonds to the glass, it can be removed.

Can window film ever be removed?

A. Yes, Window Film can be removed at any time after the installation. As tint professional we know all the tips and tricks on proper tint removal. Please call us if you require a removal.

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