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Auto Glass Experts Inc. Technicians perform thousands of Professional safe and secure car window replacements every year. We also replace tempered door glass windows and rear glass windows, quarter glass. Our glass professionals use only factory-authorized car glass from industry approved sources.


Auto Glass Experts Inc. recommends that if your windshield damage is smaller than a toonie coin you may want to consider repairing the damage instead of replacing the entire windshield. In most cases, stonechips or rockchips are FREE REPAIRS and are covered by most insurance companies


Our Motto is ….
“We want YOU as a LIFETIME customer not a ONE time customer”

Expert Shop or Mobile Auto Glass Repair or Replacement for your windshield, back glass , car glass replacement and auto window stonechip repair at your home or work.

We SPECIALIZE in Repairs and Replacements for :
BMW, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Lexus, Infiniti, Lincoln, Hyundai, Nissan, Cadillac, Jaguar, Audi, Kia, Volvo, Porsche and all other makes and models.
We are not the cheapest price but you get a PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION with GREAT VALUE pricing.

We strive to provide FAST, RELIABLE and QUALITY Auto Glass services available to you 7 days 8pm to 8pm,

Our Insured Auto Glass technicians use Original Equipment Quality car window products for all our customers and Aftermarket car glass products for the budget conscious customers. We strongly believe in educating our customers about autor glass replacement and repairs, so they maybe knowledgeable in their choice and options of car window and auto glass.

We Value your business and offer a Lifetime Warranty on workmanship on all our installations.


Auto Glass Experts Inc. RQB Service professionals perform thousands of safe auto glass replacements every year. In most cases, it’s the front windshield that’s damaged, we also replace a lot of tempered side glass windows, rear glass windows and sunroofs. Our glass professionals use only factory- authorized glass from industry-approved sources.


1. Protective measures are taken to protect the vehicles’ interior and hood, then the wipers, molding and cowling are carefully removed.

2. The broken windshield is completely removed. Depending on the vehicle’s condition, the existing adhesive is then removed

3. The pinch weld, where the windshield attaches to your vehicle, is inspected for any bare metal or paint and is primed to insure adherence of adhesive.

4. A urethane adhesive is then applied to the vehicle frame.

5. The new windshield is firmly set in place and the cowling, molding and wipers are reattached.

6. Your RQB professional auto glass installers will inform you when your vehicle is safe to drive after the completion of the replacement.

It is important to know that in today’s automobiles, the auto glass in your car is a structural component of your vehicle. Auto manufacturers have looked to glass to improve overall aesthetics and design while maintaining the highest level of safety. Auto glass today is often integral to the operation of your airbag deployment system. In order for your airbags to operate effectively, your windshield must remain in place if your airbag deploys.


Windshields designed today are an integral part of the safe structure of vehicles . This is why it is essential to follow very strict standards when installing them.

  • They support the passenger airbag.
  • They increase the vehicle’s resistance to shocks.
  • They prevent passengers from being ejected in a collision.
  • They prevent the roof from collapsing when the car overturns.

The nature of the problem and how serious it is will determine whether a windshield should be repaired or replaced. As for the rear and side windows, these must be replaced since they cannot be repaired.


All our windshield replacements are eligible for the WarrantyPlus ™ our exclusive Extended Warranty program. The owner of this national warranty benefits from free windshield replacement and Windshield repair for up to three years. Furthermore, when the replacement is paid by the owner’s insurance company, WarrantyPlus™ is free (dependent on provincial legislation and insurance coverage). WarrantyPlus™ helps keep the windshield safe longer.


Cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, maintenance vehicles and specialized machinery: no matter the vehicle, we can repair and replace any type of glass.


We recommend using the highest-quality glass which mostly comes from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).


All work is carried out according to Canadian automobile safety standards and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS):

FMVSS 208 Standard
When the airbag deploys, the windshield must offer a strong support point.

FMVSS 212 Standard
In the event of a head-on collision, the windshield must stay in place to prevent the passenger from being ejected.

FMVSS 216 Standard
When excessive force is applied, i.e., when a car overturns, the windshield must prevent the roof from collapsing to protect the car’s occupants.

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